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Nathasja’s next concerts, events, webinars & more you find here.

Winter & Fall 23/24: composing in progress….
March 24
  • 30th workshop guitar, Neede, Netherlands
April 24
  • 12th workshop ukelele Gitaaracademie, Rotterdam, Netherlands


July 24
  • 7th: Summerclass Guitar, Rotterdam, Netherlands
August 24
  • 23-25th Guitarweekend with Nathasja in the Eifel, @Dynamo Workshops, Germany. = fully booked (please inquier for extra options if you want to join).

October 24

  • 11-13th Ukelele start-up weekend with Nathasja in t he Eifel @ Dynamo Workshops, Germany.
August 2023
  • workshop weekend in the Eifel @ Dynamo workshops, Germany.
July 2023
  • concert & classes at the International Guitarfestival of Seckau, Austria
May 2022
  • 17th Radio interview @Radio Rijnmond: De Dag Van……


  • 7th Masterclasses @De Gitaaracademie Rotterdam (Talmastraat); te boeken via
  • 17th Masterclasses @De Gitaaracademie Rotterdam (Talmastraat)” te boeken via


  • 4ht Solo-Concert Bamberger Gitarrentage: tickets via:

2023 International European Tour: Three Times a Lady on guitar together with Karlijn Langendijk & Sophie Chassé.

Dates to be released in fall ’22.

January 2021

  • 20th January 14:15 pm: Radio interview RTVApeldoorn: De Matinee.
  • 22nd January 19:30 pm: Open-Mic De Gitaaracademie (host&organiser): players are welcome to join


  • 12th February 19:30 pm: Online Live Workshop Tremolo-technic for classical guitarists via Zoom. (Tickets).


  • 19th March 19:30 pm: Online live lecture about sound/voice on classical Guitar” via Zoom. (Tickets).
  • 26th March 19:30 pm: Open-Mic De Gitaaracademie (host&organiser Nathasja): (international)players are welcome to join via Zoom. Free entrance. Let’s stay in touch through music!


  • 11th April 11:30 am: online webinar Tone & Sound for Guitarcirkel Leiderdorp (in english). Tickets you can book here.
  • 22nd April 19:30 pm: online webinar “Break a Nail” how to make a good sounding & steady fix repair of your nail in all emergency situations & how to prevent nailtrouble. (Tickets you can book here).


  • 14th May 19:30 pm: online webinar Right/Lefthand techniques for classical guitarplayers.
  • 29th May 20:00 pm: online concert via Tickets you can purchase here.
Spring/Summer 21
  • New CD recording/release.

Nathasja is part of the International Guitarnight Germany November 2021

She will play a tour of concert in Germany together with guitarvirtuoses: Peter Finger (GE), David Fowley (UK)  and Jacques Stotzem (BE).


05 & 06.11 Albstadt
8.11 Mölsheim
09.11 Malsach
10.11 München
11.11 Rodenbach
23.11 Mainz
24.11 Schorndorf
25.11 Karlsruhe
26.11 Bopfingen
27.11 Kirchfarnbach
28.11 Weimar



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