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About Nathasja

From a young age, guitarist Nathasja van Rosse was already performing in concerts and on the radio and television. In 1987, she played at the opening concert of the World Trade Center Rotterdam in the presence of Queen Beatrix.

Nathasja attended a school of higher general secondary education (Havo) for Music and Dance in Rotterdam. After her graduation, she continued her studies—first at the Conservatory in Rotterdam and later in Graz, Austria with renowned musician Leo Witoszynskyj. In 1999, she completed her Master’s Degree with Zoran Dukic in The Hague, graduating with excellent results. Numerous masterclasses followed with great contemporary guitar virtuosos, such as David Russell, Alvaro Pierri, Pavel Steidl and Carlo Marchione, leading Nathasja to successfully participate in various international competitions, including Kutná Hora in the Czech Republic and Volos in Greece, often playing as a finalist in these highly demanding competitions.

Since her debut CD, Guitar Music of South America in 2000, Nathasja has been considered one of the most important Spanish guitar performers in the world. She has participated in a large number of international guitar festivals as an esteemed concert guitarist, teacher and jury member. In 2005, she won the EGTA teacher plume for her Young Talent Class. Together with the well-known jazz guitarist Olaf Tarenskeen, Nathasja performed at the much-celebrated Roots + tour in 2006.

On her second CD, Levantine, she plays music that was specially composed for her in a modern, multicultural musical language. In 2007, she teamed up with steel string virtuoso Peter Finger for the Dream Dancer Tour. Nathasja has performed her music to audiences across the globe, from America to Canada, Germany, Turkey, Austria, Greece and the Netherlands.

In 2020/2021, there are many new and exciting events on the horizon for Nathasja, including the much-anticipated launch of a new CD of her work. Hopefully, this will be followed by a tour in the Netherlands and Germany.

Nathasja’s personal versatility, broad interests and curiosity are clearly represented in both her compositions and the way she plays: “One moment, I can go crazy with Cream (Eric Clapton) and the next I am moved to tears by Frank Boeijen, A. Piazzolla, G. Mahler or by a beautiful poem or work of art.”

In the eternal search for the “ultimate beauty”, Nathasja continues to innovate, creating her own compositions with great pleasure.

“Music and silence: a magical union”


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