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Stringsssss (attached to Luise)

The first day of the first Lockdown in the Netherlands March 2020 I got a call from my Luthier Kolya Panhuyzen telling me after a waiting period for building from over 3 years (!!); hey, Nathas, your guitar is ready!

That wasn’t the bubbly moment (I’d bought a nice bottle of bubbles to celebrate my upcoming new guitar) that I had awaited for so long I can tell you….

Like all others and specifically musicians that immediately had an almost empty agenda right that day, I had no clue if I even could afford this long longed for guitar. With great sadness I told Kolya that I probably could not buy this instrument, even though I badly needed it and waited for  so long.

Kolya and I go back way in time and therefor there was a lot of understanding. Luckily for me he  gave me time to think and arrange….. A good solution for both gave the option to “survive” the first lockdown with this first beautiful instrument. How grateful I was to have a fresh beauty in the house to inspire me and get me through the many lonely & insecure days. Unfortunately some problems a cured and a new instrument had to be built for me, but I’ll never forget “Fred” as I called this guitar 😉 Yes, I know: why the….. you give your guitar a name and above that: Fred???? Hahahaha that my dear readers is top-secret yet.

6 months later and yes, another lockdown further down the road, another guitar entered my life.

A new beautiful baby guitar (as she needs to be played in for an about half a year too!) is in my hands!

Luise that is (after one of the greatest woman guitar players ever: Luise Walker).

A very new baby indeed with new construction (lattice) and new moods & colors. Therewith the need and curiosity was born to try out new strings. And guess what? Yes, this vlogblog  was born too….

I present you a view into the four different marks & strings sets that I’ve been using so far on this guitar, a ceder top, lattice brace guitar.

Hope it serves you well too!




P.S. And if you’d like to know what Luise sounds like in my hands; Join my first ever online-concert the 29th May  via 

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