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BlogVlog 03 While it snows & hails outside….

With the danger of getting angry reactions….. I kind of like the cold weather we have these days… 

Why for heaven’s sake? Well, I basically need all day (and night) inside to work, and also I do not have to worry about getting my garden “done”. As my very determined neighbors always work into details on theirs and give me “the look” if I don’t .. Maintaining your garden is a big thing in these surroundings.. AAY.. 

Anyway right now, it’s too cold to do so and that is perfect for me as I am busy, VERRRRY busy! A relative asked me: but how is that possible? There is nothing you can do right now is there, as a guitar player? Well, I said, I’m actually busier than ever!! I’ve asked myself the question: “what IS possible” instead of” what isn’t. And….. that is a lot! 

For example the amount of texts that I write nowadays makes a mountain soon I believe. I had the great (?) idea of specializing in webinars and make weekly blogs/vlogs next to playing and teaching. And making movies is a “thing” also that takes some time & effort. But boy oh boy am I happy I can do it; so much inspiration comes when I dive into new and old knowledge and how much fun it is to share it with you. It is great to get reactions from you, thank you so much for that, I’d love to make an online community and share as much “beauty as music is” as possible. 

Past Sunday I had the honor to be the guest-speaker in Gitaarcirkel Leiderdorp. A name that seems not to fit the by now international community of guitar players & teachers it is nowadays. Our Zoom-cameras entered in different arias around the countries. With a cup of coffee, dropjes (Dutch treat), lots of cables, mics and cameras, I woke up nicely with the small concerts that players gave. 

After that it was my turn to give my “small lecture” about Sound. In my best English (yes, I practiced) I did so in the next 45 minutes. While doing so, it gave me such a warm feeling, beautiful music, playing and talking about that what is such a dear subject in my live; guitar & music, makes me feel very, very happy.  The organizer threw a poll afterwards and …pfiewww it was good to read that a very big part of the audience experienced inspiration & liked it. 

A little part of the webinar you find in the movie I share underneath with you. Enjoy it! Soon I’ll post a small part of the webinar on my website as well. 

Next Thursday, 22nd April, we’ll be diving into “ Break a Nail”  in which I dive into the subject of nail trouble with you. This weather is of course still killing for our nails and it is a horror for players with weak nails. I’ve been asked so  often about nail repair, which I understand as I have terrible nails as well (!!!). And it is very much work to keep them in shape, repair and also to keep a “good sound” with them as well. I’ll be giving you all the tips and possibilities you can dream of and more as you are part of the webinar by asking your nail trouble as well. 

Have fun playing guitar this week!

Psss have you heard that I will play my first concert in years the 29th May via You can support me and this great initiative by joining.

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